Message from the Overall Chair

06 Jul 2022 | 10:14 PM

The practice of medical oncology has faced tremendous trials in recent years, challenging as it has always been.


We have successfully passed through these storms by relying on a power greater than ourselves and realizing the powers within ourselves that can only manifest in adversity. That’s the medical oncologist on becoming and beyond.


As we master our craft in patient care, research, academe, and other career paths, we realize that our lives can only be fulfilling when we likewise develop and express the different aspects of our humanity. Thus, we become leaders, speakers, writers, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, advocates, and hobbyists, among other things, dedicated to advancing our passions. That’s the medical oncologist on becoming and beyond.


This convention honors these extraordinary humans who chose to care for people inflicted with a disease described as a big one. They aspire for a cure, readily offer comfort to ease the suffering, and lovingly assist the dying. They adapt to the rapid changes of our times, survive the adversities, and develop their full potential – people who boldly commit to becoming medical oncologists and beyond.




Overall Chair,

PSMO 20th Midyear Convention