Message from the President

25 Oct 2021 | 09:49 AM

How do we heal?

How do we begin anew?

Being in the healing profession, we aren’t immune to being broken. Sometimes we are even more prone to this, being perpetually exposed to the risks of disease and our profession’s psychological and emotional stress.

That is why, whether we learn it the hard way or simply realize it through our experience, we must value self-care.

But we can’t stop from serving, for it runs in our blood. We eat, sleep and breathe service.

And it is in never stopping to serve that we realize that we heal by healing others. What we give, we receive.

Everything is a never-ending cycle of endings and beginnings, and the healing process supports us as we go through these cycles. Whether we heal ourselves, accept the healing from others, or heal others, we act as channels, and we are honored to play such a role.

May this convention be an instrument to make us better healers.