Message from the Scientific Chair

08 Nov 2021 | 01:26 AM

Healing from the COVID-19 Pandemic… this is the theme for our PSMO Annual Convention 2021.

Healing refers to the idea of “making whole”. 
So it is imperative that we go back to basics.. our Convention this year outlays topics on this, such as: Drug development: from scratch to hatch, How to setup an Oncology Unit, Value of Covid-19 Vaccination among Cancer patients, Basics of germline testing in cancer, and the Bernardo Agustin Memorial Lecture by Dr. Don Dizon on Lessons Learned during the Pandemic and how to begin anew…

Related to “healing” also is going back and review well-established workflows and creating more, especially in the realm of: Multidisciplinary approach in managing oligometastatic Prostate and Breast Cancers, Analyzing treatment for Non-small cell lung cancer if all EGFR mutations should treated equally, What to do when our Non-hodgkins Lymphoma patients fail the standard RCHOP regimen?, Evidence-based practices to bust Oncology Myths, and Learning the value of a Life doula in end-of-life care.

Part of our theme this year is Beginning Anew with Advances in Oncology, for we can never completely heal if we do not move on.. if we do not update ourselves with what is new.. if we do not transform... all for better cancer patient care. Hence we have lined up relevant topics on Aiming for cure in Urothelial cancers, Managing gastroesophageal cancers with immune and chemotherapies, and Understanding the use of Precision Medicine in cancer.

Apart from these PSMO on-demand lectures, our industry-sponsored convention symposia provide new and exciting data to help us manage our patients well. 

All of these topics will be delivered by no less than excellent speakers from here and abroad who have prepared well for this convention.

So see you at the PSMO 35th Annual Convention. 

Chair, Scientific Committee
35th Annual Convention and 4th Virtual Meeting